Britsburgh would like to congratulate our 'Steering Wheel Club' member, Rolls-Royce Nuclear Engineering Services on signing a deal with Bruce Power (Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada), worth tens of millions of US Dollars over multiple years. The contract is great for Pittsburgh and will generate jobs for the region.

RR Paul signing contract.jpg 

Paul Tobin, Rolls-Royce Nuclear Engineering Services, Executive Vice President (pictured right, a native Pittsburger, in a black suit and gold tie) signs the contract to implement Rolls-Royce’s innovative digital analytics tools, as part of Bruce Power’s Life-Extension Program.

“Big Data analytics is a core competency at Rolls-Royce,” said Paul. “We developed this capability in our aerospace business where monitoring and mining the enormous data volumes continuously generated by aircraft engines and other aircraft systems has allowed us to achieve massive reductions in operating costs while concurrently improving safety and reliability. We are now applying the same know-how coupled with our worldwide nuclear operating data and expertise to deliver high value solutions for the nuclear power generation industry.”

Rolls-Royce Nuclear Engineering Services,
with its world headquarters in Moon Township, is the largest nuclear energy related company in the Pittsburgh region, employing in excess of 250 people here in Pittsburgh and over 400 worldwide.  As a result, it is a significant contributor to the economy of Pittsburgh. Rolls-Royce Nuclear engineering Services is owned by British Rolls-Royce PLC.

Together with Britsburgh, Rolls-Royce Nuclear Engineering Services is in the process of establishing the Britsburgh Innovators' Society with the aim of bringing together multi-sector innovators in Pittsburgh and from Britain to work together to promote innovation. 

Roll-Royce PLC is a pre-eminent engineering company focused on world-class power and propulsion system organised into five customer-facing businesses: Civil Aerospace, Defence Aerospace, Power Systems, Marine and Nuclear.

Contrary to popular understanding Rolls-Royce PLC is NOT a manufacturer the famous Rolls-Royce motor vehicle. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited is owned by The BMW Group. 

Rolls-Royce Nuclear engineering services press release:

For more information, contact Michael Archer at Rolls Royce Nuclear Engineering Services – Phone number 412-865-3040 Ext 133
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