The 4rd of my Shakespeare drawings I am posting from my new exhibition at the Spinning Plate Gallery running through June 30. Richard Claraval (Artist).

This piece deals with two pivotal moments very early in the play: that where Macbeth hears the three witches, seemingly supernatural beings, proclaim that he will be king. And then the point, just a few moments later, when he hears from two friends that King Duncan has declared him Thane of Cawdor – something that the weird sisters have also just prophesied. My focus was in showing that first moment when it comes into Macbeth’s mind that he can indeed become king. These events are not simultaneous but I think combining them falls well within the bounds of “artistic license”. The deep black around the figures of the witches both symbolically represents their dark intent, and also provides a strong contrast for Macbeth.



The Britsburgh Team, Richard Claraval and our friends - Mrs Shakespeare, The Unrehearsed Shakespeare Project and Pittsburgh Shakespeare in the Parks will hold a multi faceted Shakespearean evening on Thursday, May 25th, 7-9 pm at the Spinning Plate Gallery, 5821 Baum Blvd. 15206.

Enjoy a glass of wine or beer with Shakespearean art by local Pittsburgh artist Richard Claraval in his new exhibition 'Shakespeare Drawings'. Scenes from a variety of related plays will be acted out that will bring the art to life!  Learn about the art as Richard leads us through his work.

Please support local art in all its many forms.

The event is FREE but we still have costs.  We welcome a suggested donation of $10. Thank you!

Please register in advance.

Richard Claraval
Richard Claraval
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This was a super event.  We highly recommend visiting The Spinning plate Gallery to see Richard's work!

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Thanks very much Robert!

PS, tomorrow night we will have award winning poet Judith Robinson reading from Shakespeare and from her own recently published book, "Carousel". Wine and snack & it's free! 7 to 9 pm, Spinning Plate Gallery, 5821 Baum Blvd, 15206   info:
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