Its British Pie Week! Here are are some day 2 facts about this great British delicacy...

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There's a world-famous pie-eating contest in the UK

Held at Harry's Bar in Wigan, the annual World Pie Eating Championship has been going since 1992. Originally, contestants had to attempt to eat as many pies as possible within the given time limit, but this was changed in 2006 - in order to meet government healthy eating guidelines - to a race in which competitors vie to eat a single pie in the least amount of time.

There has been some controversy over the last 24 years though: in 2005, pies were imported from from nearby Farnworth in Bolton, while local Wigan pies were sidelined as they were believed to be "sub-standard". This resulted in a four-man strong protest. The same thing happened again in 2009 when the pies were imported from Adlington.

Someone once paid over £1,000 for a single slice

The Guinness World Record for the most expensive meat pie ever sold goes to the Fence Gate Inn in Lancashire which sold its pie for £8195 - or £1024 a slice - to eight guests on November 14, 2005.

It was made from £500 worth of Japanese wagyu beef fillet, Chinese matsutake mushrooms (which are so precious, they're harvested under guard), Winter Black truffles, French Bluefoot mushrooms (sold at £200 for 1kg), gravy made from two bottles of vintage 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine, topped with edible gold leaf.

Recipe: Beef and Guinness pies with chocolate

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Source: Telegraph, UK

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